The Essential Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

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Chilly Adelaide winter days can either have you wishing you could spend your day as a doona burrito, or wishing you were boarding a plane to a tropical destination, STAT.

Needless to say, spending hours in your own back yard are far from the mind. But as Australian winters go, summer will be upon you soon enough. So why not make the most of the winter months dreaming up how wonderful summer will be with a brand new outdoor kitchen?

Adelaide summers and backyard BBQ’s are synonymous. So, if you have been thinking it is time to update your outdoor entertainment area with a new outdoor kitchen, here are few things to consider.

1. Location

For many outdoor kitchens are becoming an effective and beautiful way to extend the living space of a home. Large folding doors opening up onto a spacious outdoor entertainment area, complete with cooking facilities.

In a time when houses are getting smaller, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add space and value.

For those lucky enough to have a large luscious backyard, an outdoor kitchen can be nestled into the depths of a backyard for a true outdoors oasis, a dream entertainment experience.

Taking time to consider the location of your outdoor kitchen can revolutionise your homes living space and value.

2. Design

Here is where you can let your imagination run wild. What kind of décor will you have, Bedouin, modern minimalist, Scandinavian Nordic?

But, before you even get there, after you have thought about where in your backyard you would like to place your outdoor kitchen. You need to take the time to think about the design of the more permanent elements.

The kitchen cabinetry, just like your indoor kitchen, the space needs to be functional, practical and beautiful.

The best way to achieve this trifecta is to speak with a custom kitchen and cabinets expert. Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets are Adelaide’s premier custom joinery experts with the knowledge and experience to help you through the design phase and all the way through to execution.

With a number of outdoor kitchens in their portfolio, you can peruse their <href=””>gallery of work for inspiration.

The team can help you decide how much workspace you need, what appliances you need and where they will live -after all you do not want to be dragging things in and out of the house all summer long.

Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets can help you plan the finer details of electricity and water too.

3. Shelter & Materials

Whether or not you choose to add shelter to your outdoor kitchen will greatly affect the materials and appliances you can use.

Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets can discuss with you the materials which will stand up to Adelaide’s weather conditions.

Keep in mind, that a sheltered outdoor kitchen will provide a space to cook and entertain in during drizzly summer sun showers. Even the simplest roof will also go a long way in protecting your appliances.

Outdoor kitchen - Harrison Kitchens & Cabinets Adelaide

4. Budget

Needless to say, this is a big catch in all home renovations and outdoor kitchen makeovers. It is something to be mindful of from the very beginning.

So yes, let your imagination run rampant with possibilities, but be sure to wrangle it back in with practicality.

The team at Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets can help you merge your creativity with your budget. Ensuring you have a space you love at a price that makes you happy.

If winter has you dreaming of summer days outdoors with good food and great company, contact Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets today to start planning your dream outdoor kitchen and entertainment space.


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