Custom Joinery Makeover: Style and Function

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Everything in its place, a place for everything. Quality custom joinery will optimise your space in a way that no flat-pack ever can. Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets are experts in creating a space which is stylish and functional.

The beauty of renovations is that you already live in your home. You are there every day, you have established routines, a renovation makes your space work for you.

A Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets custom joinery renovation is more than just a storage solution. It’s a make-over of functionality and style. Neither is compromised and both compliment each other. No space should be an eye-sore, no room should be dreaded. In our busy lives, a space that is efficient and practical makes the world of difference. A room with clean clutter-free open space is like a breath of fresh air.

bathroom custom joinery

Custom Joinery: Bathrooms & Laundries

Two of the most frequently used rooms in the home, and yet often the smallest. Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets expert custom joinery will take these small spaces and make them beautiful and functional.

A cupboard that perfectly fits your ironing board and iron. A cabinet system that fits your washing machine and dryer, with a draw in arms-reach that houses your washing powder, fabric softener and stain remover. A rack to hang drying business shirts. Enough space to fold out your air drying clothes horse, and a space to put it away neatly.

On a busy morning, nothing is worse than a bathroom full of clutter yet with everything you need out of sight. With custom made joinery you can design a space for everything. All your towels in one spot, body products in a perfectly sized draw. All whilst looking incredibly stylish.






custom joinery for office space

Office Spaces & Book Shelves

Home offices tend to become cluttered quicker than you can say ‘Where will this go?’ A Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets custom project will think of everything from the right size and style of the desk to the perfect bookshelf layout. Have an innumerable amount of giant binders? Then there’s no use having a wall full of shelves that only fit standard paperback books.

The Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets team think of the finer details that no store bought solution can match. Do you work in organised chaos? Then storage spaces with doors will help you hide the chaos and keep the room looking sleek and fresh.



custom joinery adelaide

Custom Joinery: Home Entertainment

Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets custom home entertainment units are designed to fit effortlessly into your home and lifestyle.  They can be a place for extra storage, a place to display family photos, awards and holiday souvenirs.

Custom home entertainment units can turn what is often a cluttered space into a sleek space that houses everything you need. Transforming your space from an eye-sore to something aesthetically pleasing.






Imagine if you could actually see everything item of clothing you owned, every shoe was in its pair?! A custom built wardrobe will optimise your space in a way that no storage ‘solution’ product will.

Imagine a wardrobe that utilises the entire height of your room, giving you space for two hanging racks. No shirt will go crumpled in the back of a draw ever again! What about a draw with an inbuilt shoe rack? Every pair with its own spot, neatly lined up, unlike any shoe box, yet easily tucked away out of sight.

custom joinery adelaide

Don’t let your home become stale. Revive, reset and optimise your most used spaces. Think of the way you use your space daily and how you could tweak it to make it work for you. How you wish you had a spot to put that darn clothes horse. Or a draw for all those cables and chargers. Imagine all of the possibilities.

Everything in its place, a place for everything. Get in contact with the Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets expert team to discuss your design options.  Harrison Kitchen & Cabinets will work to fit all your dreams into your space and budget.

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