5 ways to update your kitchen

If you’re looking to add some value to your property, or your kitchen is just too tired and old for your lifestyle, you’re probably thinking about a kitchen renovation. But if the idea of undertaking the mammoth task of a complete demolition and reinstallation seems too big to comfortably handle, you might consider opting for a smaller,... Read more >

The benefits of investing in a kitchen renovation

Investing in a kitchen renovation - Harrison Kitchens Brisbane
Kitchen renovations are the most popular home renovations—along with bathrooms—and there’s a reason for that. They give the biggest return on investment compared with almost any other kind of property makeover, even upwards of 80-90%, as long as the renovation is achieved with high-quality products and workmanship and not cheaper... Read more >

New Website for Harrison Kitchens & Cabinets

This week at Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets we are launching our new website! It has been quite an involved process to bring our clients this exciting new site. We wanted to keep many elements from our existing site whilst making it more modern, user friendly and compatible on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.... Read more >

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