5 Practical Tips For Beautiful Custom Wardrobes

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Whether it’s a new home or a renovation, don’t let your wardrobe be a secondary thought. After all, you use this feature every single day. A well-designed custom joinery wardrobe can turn any sized space into a functional and beautiful space.

Images of expansive walk in robes full of designer clothes, accessories and shoes, just the right lighting, and floor to wall mirrors only exist in Hollywood films, right?. Well, we can’t fill your wardrobe with designer products, but, we certainly can turn your space into a dream combination of organisation and aesthetics. You won’t want to leave.

When it comes to optimising your custom wardrobe, it’s essential to be realistic and practical. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Here are our top tips to think about when you’re designing your new wardrobe. Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets specialise in swinging door robes, which create a cohesive and smooth look.

Remember, the Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets team have a wealth of knowledge. We can help you at any stage of imagination and design to create a space perfect for your lifestyle and budget.

1. What Have You Got, Where Will It All Go?

The first step for anyone looking to design a new wardrobe is to think about what it is exactly you have and how to optimise its storage.

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Are you professionals who need to keep work clothes fresh and crisp? Just how many shoes do you really own? What about all those accessories, are there some things that just don’t quite fit into the jewellery box?

To tackle this primary problem, take apart your current wardrobe and group everything based on its size. For example, long dresses will need plenty of length, but if you only have a few of those then this can be a slither of the wardrobe space. Likewise, if you have a collection of business shirts and slacks, then you can optimise the height of your robe by doubling up on the hanging racks.

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2. Maximise the Space You Have

The only thing worse than seeing a dead space at the top of a pre-fabricated wardrobe is seeing dusty unused boxes. Imagine if that space was at the bottom of your robe. It would make the perfect space for shoes, or a draw for your handbags.

What a custom robe will do like no pre-fabricated option is to use all of you space. A custom joinery expert will make the most of the either height of your room, optimise your corner spaces and fit in storage spot where you never thought.

3. The Wardrobe Island

If you are lucky enough to have a vast open space to turn into a lush walk-in robe, then don’t let the middle become dead space. A wardrobe island is the latest trend in luxury robes, but they’re not just striking to the eye, they are incredibly practical.

A wardrobe island allows you to place items out on display to optimise out-fit planning. It also makes for the perfect space for all of your accessories and shoes. Working with a custom joinery expert will help you figure out just how to make an island work for you.

4. The Perfect Draw

Draws are a magnificent way to optimise your space whilst looking sleek. Unfortunately, draws tend to have an ability to feel cluttered quickly. This is particularly true if you have draws which just aren’t the right size, too big and you’ve got a trough to dig though, too small and you risk damaging the items you’re shoving into it.

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Imagine if you had a draw that perfectly fit your shoes and stored them out of sight. What about a shallow draw with divides to separate all your accessories so you can clearly see them and they don’t get tangled.

The possibilities are endless. Once you have figured out just what your have, as per step one, Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets expert team have the imagination to design something that’s practical and beautiful.

5. Think Out Side the Box

The storage solutions and accessories on the market today are endless. They are also wonderfully innovative in their approach to optimising space. While they are great at what doing what they say on the box. With a little imagination, you can utilise them for so much more then they were intended.

Take the humble tie rack, don’t let it got to waste, a tie rack is a fantastic way to store and display necklaces. You’ll don’t’ exactly what you have and they wont get tangled anytime soon.

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The options are endless when it comes to what your can make your wardrobe do for you. Understanding what you have and what will make your life easier is what Harrison Kitchens and Cabinets do best. We love to work with our clients to optimise their space, while creating beautiful pieces. Get in touch with the team today to find out just how fantastic a custom built robe can be.

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